Your body is a Temple

Your body isn’t a temple.
But it is your body.
Your body isn’t an object.
But it should be the object of your affection.
Your body isn’t theirs.
But it can be the subject of their love if you so wish.
Your body isn’t a gift.
But you can wrap yourself up pretty if you want to.
Your body isn’t a spectacle.
But it is spectacular.
Your body isn’t clay that has to fit in society’s mould.
But it’s always changing shape.
Your body doesn’t need fixing.
But you can control how it changes, if you’d like that.
Your body doesn’t play by any rules.
Sometimes, not even your own.
Your body doesn’t know who you are.
But you have to learn… your body.
So… your body isn’t a temple.
But it can be your temple if you make it so.

A Mad Hatter.
I’m a person who’s trying to understand the world, I guess. And… I don’t have an Instagram account.


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5 thoughts on “Your body is a Temple

  1. Hi, Thanks for liking ‘Lullaby’.
    I read in Frank Herbert’s Dune Trilogy-“The mind and the body are potential tools” Love that.
    Your pic with the shoes and the paper is really good. I relate to that.
    I do like the poem
    Thanks for posting


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