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Reflections from My Window Seat

On my time at New City Café, Rochester, NY

In this café, here I sit
Strangers once were we
People wave and people stay
And people talk to me

I say “my name is Kayla
It’s just my first time here
I want to know your story” –
They tell me with no fear!

In my dreams this place exist’d
A place where people grow
Where coffee brews and people sit
And souls do overflow

Christ is in the background here
And Christ is in the walls
I can feel Christ’s presence here
And I can hear His call

In my life now this exists
Sole purpose not for me
But for the people all around
And for to set them free

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A few words about me:
My name is Kayla Richardson, and I am an ER nurse from Rochester, NY. I started blogging several years ago when I was in college and recently picked it back up again since I’ve graduated. The purpose of my blog is to share poetry, reflections, and stories about life and God from the perspective of my small corner of the world. I don’t know you, but I already love you! <3 <3


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