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This monster [ covid 19]

Who gave birth to this disease
That crushes me to my knees?
I no longer feel safe to breath
Whenever I see you sneeze.
Who unleashed this monster unto the world?
Which now chews us like a sandwich,
And never seems to have his fill!
I have watched him snatch my brothers from my grip,
I have watched him tare their flesh with his whip.
My tears tickle his soul,
He is pleased by my moans and woes.
He has made shadows of innocent souls,
And turned beauty into dry bones.
My dreams have vanished into thin air,
I now face the world with fear!
I am scared of everything far and near.
Something tells me he might be on his way here,
To punish me for a crime I did not commit.
To torture me for his own pleasure.
He made my friends drink from his bitter cup
And stole them into a very deep sleep.
For how long will I survive the stench from his nostrils?
His breath enslaves life,
When he coughs, the whole world catches a cold!
Thousands of men, he has taken to the grave,
Young, old, coward and brave.
No one can survive his hateful gaze.
He preaches the gospel of death,
Sending his disciples to their graves
With just the touch of his hand.
With this piece of cloth tied around my nose,
I must run to hide from his breath.
For he breathes not life but death.

Poem by..
Bernard Gabriel Okurut
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Bernard Gabriel Okurut, a.ka Blackfut Oracle .A young Ugandan poet, singer and Songwriter. Author of ‘The Noisy Silence’ a Ugandan poetry anthology published on He is a student of English language and literature at Kyambogo university. Okurut is the founder of ‘ koi koi’ psychic poets troupe, a group of young creative minds at Kyambogo university.


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