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The treasure on fingertips

I saw a miracle,
shining out through tired eyes
and a smile
that could still discover distant stars…

even in me.

I saw a miracle,
spellbound by her fragile,
fearful magic
into a world
whose borders crumbled in a chair.

Lighting my Universe with smiles.

Forgiving me for killing them.

Every now and then,
she’d squeeze my fingers,
just to remind me
that holding my hand
would always be the fastest way to freedom.

I watched waves
and stars
and thunderclouds
roll in
across her shoreline…

and I’ve seen such sunsets in her wake…

but the sky still searches for her fingertips.

For those I’ve not come across yet (hi), I’m John in some circles… Woodsy in others (Woodsy being a stage name from when I do performance gigs).
Basically, like a lot of people, I’ve been through a bunch of difficult situations in recent years, and I’ve tended to write about them as I go.
Often these are scary, traumatic things… things that desperately need to be shared,  even when every voice around you is insisting you’re off message.
You’re finding your message, not theirs –
and often, the toughest, messiest stuff we have to say is also the most precious, beautiful stuff we have to say… so let’s stop feeling scared to say it.


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