Poem #342

I don’t know how to write about this. 
I don’t know how to let go of this. 
I don’t know how to explain this.  
It is a feeling that makes you not feel it. 
What is the poetic way to describe emptiness? 
My heart fell down in this space and it didn’t even echo. 
All my senses are worthless here. 
The writer in me got stuck trying to pen it 
How do you beat something you can’t even name? 
It numbs your senses, throws your vocabulary away. 
Trying to fight it is like trying to cut air. 


37 replies on “Poem #342”

It’s that lull between life and not. There were no echos because you’re suspension, in a voided state of nothingness. You’re so overwhelmed with fear, you can feel. You’re afraid if the pain starts, it won’t stop. The only way out is to love yourself forward, one step at a time, until you can run, until you can fly once again. To do that…you must trust again. And that, is the true key. I trust you can do it because I’ve read your words over the years. I’ve felt your wisdom strength in them line by line and you know, you’re not alone. Time to get back to being…Luna. 😉

Thank you, Ben. I hope they reach and help my friend, Luna. I still miss her really. Reading of laughing from silly flirty comments until she cried or blushed. She has a good heart and soul. You can just feel it about her. She’s a rare one, that for sure. I’ll pray for her to heal.

Saying these thoughts out loud is such a good start, Luna… When I get moments like these, I have to go and sit but the sea, and somehow the enormity of the ocean allows me to feel that I matter too…

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