Poem #346

The past crashed right into the present.
Right into this moment.
“How are you, haven’t seen you in so long”
We start making small talk and in your eyes
I recognize what I fell for.

I don’t know if I should’ve given you a hug,
maybe it would’ve been too much.
I wish to swirl that curl you have in your hair,
right above your forehead.
We were young and now freedom is replaced
by questioning ourselves.

Please don’t ask to see me again because
you know I will say yes.
Every time I couldn’t keep you for more than
a few hours caused so much pain.
We were young when our lips met, maybe we should
keep that innocence. Keep the past in the past.

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Poem #345

The light effortlessly came through the curtains
and created a golden line from her shoulder to her thigh.

That skin was like a canvas waiting for color.
That hair was like violin strings waiting for the music.

Human in the imperfection, lady in the nakedness.
Eyes like two oceans hiding secrets in the depth.

To entice the mind, to satisfy the soul she moved
her body to bathe in the gold.

The maker of desire, beauty beyond measure
she knew how to harness power in simple pleasures.

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Poem #344

Remember those words you said on the
sidewalk half past midnight?
You don’t, do you? People forget meaningless things.
Maybe you said it because you wanted to see me happy,
maybe because you thought you had to say it.
Anyhow, the happiness had an expiration date.

It was bittersweet how those words provoked
the same sensation as loneliness did.
The shivers down my spine, in need of long showers
to clear my mind. Not being able to function because
I was thinking of you, thinking about our moments while
burning alive in that empty room.

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Poem #343

She left peace and security behind in search of a feeling.
Promises turned lies and friends turned foes paved the way for a runaway.

Physically she is here, mentally she is dancing under the stars.
Meeting strangers, running to the sea, lighting a cigarette after a shot of whiskey.

Chains are not for the open minded, cages too small to hold her soul.
She spills over, slips across the borders, disappears from your fingers when you try to hold her.

A little runaway who got selfish tendencies. She wants the pleasure and the joy
all for herself but still she left a piece of herself wherever she went.

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Poem #342

I don’t know how to write about this. 
I don’t know how to let go of this. 
I don’t know how to explain this.  
It is a feeling that makes you not feel it. 
What is the poetic way to describe emptiness? 
My heart fell down in this space and it didn’t even echo. 
All my senses are worthless here. 
The writer in me got stuck trying to pen it 
How do you beat something you can’t even name? 
It numbs your senses, throws your vocabulary away. 
Trying to fight it is like trying to cut air. 



Poem #341

I guess my pain is like candy,
when you like tasting it so much.
At least something about me is sweet.

But I stay thinking there’s something
worth fighting for here.
Maybe I just want to be worth that fight.

I will stop asking, I will stop searching for your affection.
Just to see if it will still be there.
At the end of the day,
love you have to ask for never feels like love in the end.



Poem #340

I only write about love because it was all
I have been looking for in life.
But it is so hard to recognize It in a world
that wants everything defined and in line. 

want to stand on my own two feet,
but I still want you to save me.
want a kiss on the shoulder over morning coffee,
and have my back arch against wall. 

don’t want it comfortable and defined.
want it inconvenientpassionate and alive
Romance and lust dancing together under the stars
giving life to passion and to desire 

All should be love, addictive and wild.
Silence and noise at once.
Chaos and peace intertwined. 
Nights you stay up opening your soul
and nights you lose all control. 


Poem #336

I am giving everything away
and the bar is low.
You just need to love me a little bit more
than I love myself and that’s easy to do.

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Poem #335

Somewhere between the smoke and alcohol,
the hobbies and oversleeping,
the binges and the purges
you realize it was never a writers block.

You screamed your words at that page
to let go, to release.
You never expected they would scream
right back at you.

You used to write to let it all out
now you fake writers block to keep it all in.
Just to avoid reading what you feel.
Just to avoid facing your own fears.

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Poem #334

She almost becomes one with people.
She immerses herself in one’s body and 
emerges carrying out their pain and sorrow. 
The burden gets too hard to carry and
people just keep piling on. They are biting
the hand that fed them help.  

Her bones break, her shoulders cannot carry the load.
When her body hits the ground there’s no one to pick her up.
The dust settles on a body that has a cold touch to it now.
It’s the death of an empath.