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the voice thats inside my head is taking over
its telling me that my life is in danger
my parents fucked my mind up, i cant be sober
cant comprehend that you now are a stranger

i wanna die my whole life was too much struggle
since i lost you im falling to rock bottom
my facade is braking, i feel my walls crumble
i couldnt keep you, got too many problems

an angel who showed me that this thing “love” is real
my parents never loved me as they should have
dont know what they had planned but im sick of this “spiel”
ill never show you guys what i am good at.

dreaming of you i cant talk, my whole body’s aching
the situation’s the same, you still left me
longing for sleep when awake, longing for death when awaking
the situation’s the same, please just help me.

I started writing texts on 25th of September 2020 because i got My Heart broken and didnt know how to cope with My sadness.


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