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Someday things will make sense again

When you have tasted every poison
And none has killed you
When you have howled like a beast
Out of an empty well of tears
And cut every nerve ending
Of your callous arms
And punched the walls
Of your invisible fears

When you have turned
Your dwelling upside down
And found nothing that
Lasts your lifetime
And offered your preloved heart
At a discount without warranty
And your two-sided soul
In a package deal

When you have lost all
You deserved
And have taken for granted
And nothing but
Gray hair strands to gain
And the only number
You can remember is zero
And the only thing
You have is your name
But sometimes
You hate it
And change it
And forget it too.

Pandora had kept two
Hope and a secret
She told only me
Today is your lucky day,
It’s called Surprise.

Esmeralda Balita is a living paradox.


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