A Poem for Lunatics

coat me i-
n your cool rays, rip
away the edges of my reas-
on..don’t tell the sun I am un-
done. . . when you kiss my skin d-
appled with transformation…I’m t
-urning again as you guide m-
e onward through night’s j-
oys, a lust in my ho-
t blood.

Sunra Rainz (also known as Nina Nazir) is a UK-based poet and artist who loves nothing more than penning poems or taking photos and sharing them on her blog.  She uses poetry as a way of expressing all the funny shapes her ideas take, with elements of irony and social commentary.  In her spare time, she can be found hanging around bookstores, losing her bearings in new surroundings, or inventing new cocktails with friends.  You can follow her on https://sunrarainz.wordpress.com and https://www.instagram.com/nina.s.nazir/


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    1. Thank you, Marelize! 🙂

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