Poem #257

Who will I be today?
Always the same skin, I cannot escape.
But which hands will be manipulating me today?
They all belong to my body,
they are just controlled by different demons.

I want to choose happiness
but every day I wake up to chaos in my head.
Turn it all up, open the windows, let the noise in
just force my senses to focus on something
that isn’t the product of my mind.

My mind used to be a place of inspiration
and now it became abusive and violent.
How can something that saw creation in pain
now only see desperation?

Where did I go? What did I become?
Did I kick and scream my way through life
only to live in a hell of my own design?
Where did I fail?
Where did I betray myself?

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12 thoughts on “Poem #257

  1. Awesome poem !!!!!!!!

  2. Beautiful poem 💕

  3. Your third stanza is moving: “My mind used to be a place of inspiration…now only see desperation.” It is a trap we fall into, like a spider in water. I believe we can weave our way out. We can begin to perceive differently.

  4. “How can something that saw creation in pain.
    now only see desperation?”
    I feel that. Thanks for this one.

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