Living with a mental illness, what it feels like!

i sit here
panic and fear
ripple through my body
My mind whirs
My eyes blurr
Tears fall
I try to call
But no one hears me
I am alone
Feeling forlorn
Life with a mental illness
Isnt easy!

My name is Carol anne, I am from ireland, I have mental health difficulties, and I am also blind.My poem is about living with mental blog


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6 thoughts on “Living with a mental illness, what it feels like!

  1. Thank you for sharing. I too struggle with mental health, still learning to understand my diagnosis.

  2. love this sharing … 💖

  3. It’s not easy but ya manage to cry and find comfort in the little things 🎶🖼🗞💩🤩🆙😝😎👌

  4. Thank you for sharing. 😊

  5. So beautifully done.. You are not alone in your struggle with mental health. Stay strong.

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