The Day We Met

The day we met
Is one of those days
That I can
Never forget.

I remember you
Sitting with a book I your hand
And being a book lover, my urge to reach you
Was something I couldn’t withstand.

There were other people in the coffee shop too
But about you
There was something new.

I saw how indulged in the book you were
That you failed to notice your surroundings,
And so I sat there with a desire unbounding.

I saw the shine in your eyes
And the way you smiled
I saw hair falling on your face
And how you brushed them off with absolute grace.

I finally decided to talk to you, after a while
So I walked to you
With generosity and cheery smile.

Standing in front of you
I said ‘Hi!’
You looked up from the book
With confused eyes.

And I swear I got lost into them
Seeing the heavenliness they hold
Then you spoke up in your dulcet voice
And my world was on roll.

I fell for you
At the first sight
In that moment I knew
I’ve found the love of my life.

Nida J, is a Writer, Blogger and an aspiring author. She likes books, coffee and literature. For her words are like those beautiful stars, each one reminding a story. Her journey started when she wrote her first poem about Women Empowerment, in class eight. Writing makes flowers bloom in her heart; flowers, that can help, heal and inspire people to reform. She likes to learn not only things that would help her achieve her goal but also people, she likes listening to people’s stories which helps her see the world from their eyes. Her favorite genres are romantic and motivation not just for reading but writing as well. 
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Instagram: @jeelicewits (blog account), @moonlit_fables (main) 


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1 thought on “The Day We Met

  1. So cute.👌
    Great job Nida.

    Describing “The Day We Meet” or “My First Crush” or “The first day of winter” is interesting choice. I love reading posts (poems, stories, blogs) on such topics.

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