you are a beautiful garden,
a vast expanse of exotic blooms
bursting their way across the horizon,
silky petals and tender leaves
flourishing as far as the eye can see.

yet I am nought but a little bee,
a minute soul in the shadow of your grandeur,
longing for the day I might traverse
the complete length of your beauty
and go noticed by your loving gaze.

you are a blazing sun,
perennial light beaming across galaxies,
undying warmth washing over stars,
comfort and radiance swirling in harmony
around your incandescent form.

yet I am nought but a trivial asteroid,
pulled into your powerful orbit long ago,
forever destined to revolve around you
tethered to your magnetic gravity,
never to touch or get the slightest bit closer.

you are a speeding train,
chugging off along the rusted tracks
into the depths of the snowstorm,
your carriages packed with hopeful travellers
nestled in the warmth of your refuge.

yet I am nought but the luckless latecomer
running breathlessly at your side,
freezing snow spiralling over me
as I gaze hopelessly upon your vanishing form
till you are but a silhouette in the distance.

you are an otherworldly being,
an ethereal angel sent by the heavens
to torment undeserving mortals such as myself
with the knowledge that you will never be mine
to behold, to cherish, to love,

and I remain nought but your fervent worshipper
doomed to eternally walk in your shadow
as an ardent devotee to your sublime perfection,
cursing the forces that silence my confessions
and bar my journey into your arms.

Hi! My name is Stephanie M. Leong. I love dogs, chocolate and getting absorbed in an amazing book. I mostly write poetry and book reviews on my blog, the link to which can be found here: . 


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