Just because you came
Doesn’t mean I’ve escaped
The tornado of thoughts, inside my brain
You were relevant, you were attentive, you were explosive to paint.
A picture drawn up in my head I dare not taint.

Darling know one thing:
My past made me this way.
No excuses, just facts you need to look in the face.
Admit and accept, let the footprints mark your place.
For my actions are deadly and full of hate.
The guilt eats me alive like maggots on your grave.
Change is inevitable,time guides you to your lane.
Take with you what made you feel whole, leave behind the empty frame.
I’ll always have a heart of gold
Coated in black,
Yet I’m still the same.

Written by Lynsey Bradshaw
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2 thoughts on “Foreplay

  1. This is wonderful

  2. “You were explosive to paint.” LOVE that line.

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