The First Week is the hardest

I know that many people feel refreshed and ready to work after having two weeks out of the office, but my brain is obviously wired differently.

I spent my first week of vacation on the seaside with my boyfriend and then during the second week I chilled, did a lot of shopping for a weeding I was going to, went to the weeding on Friday, spent Saturday at my grandma’s with my family and then dedicated the day to myself on Sunday and my boyfriend came to see me. Very fun two weeks.

And now I have been back working for the last three days and I just cannot get all those days of resting and having fun all day out of my head. I don’t deserve to do this. I deserve to be on a beach, hopefully tipsy, sunbathing while reading a book. That is what I am meant to do in life, not sit here and write my little emails. But then I remember that in order to be on a beach tipsy, sunbathing and reading a book, I need money….. I guess there is a part of my life in which I should be sitting around sending my little emails and attending these cute little meetings.

I have been trying to focus on everything but my brain is just all over the place and I get tired so fast. On Monday, after work, I went to the store because I had no food in the fridge and then I spent the day on the couch reading and wasting my life on the internet because I was so drained.

I have to start working out again ASAP, because I can see that I am struggling with lack of energy and my back are killing me.

I am also (obviously) taking my sweet time editing the vacation vlog (did not start yet) but I hope I will have it done and uploaded this weekend.


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5 thoughts on “The First Week is the hardest

  1. hope you had a great vacation!💖

  2. I love how you so perfectly nailed that first week of post vacation blahs. I always feel the same way. No motivation to put up with the usual work garbage. But you said it – we need the money to play. Thanks Luna! Great post. It made me smile to know that we are not so different – go on vacation to get refreshed, but feel worse the first week back. 😂 We must smile at ourselves.

  3. It seems tough to start working again after holidays especially after long holidays.

  4. Yes it’s always tough after you’ve had time away – it shows how much you enjoyed/needed the break✨

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