Coffee Date: Montenegro is a country.

Guys… Some of you might be offended by this. But this girl’s Youtube video pissed me the fuck off.

Yesterday, I was a bit bored and I did something I never believed I would do – I downloaded TikTok. It’s actually a fun app, I don’t know why I didn’t download it during quarantine. But anywaaaaay, TikTok tailors content according to location, what you like etc., and I got a lot of TikToks from Croatian, Bosnian, Serbian and other Balkanian creators. A reaction to one video constantly appeared and I decided to watch it and find it on Youtube just to see if it was an actual joke.

You who are from Europe, probably heard of this little thing that is going on currently which is the Eurovision song contest. I do not watch it, I do not find it interesting and the only reason why I respect that song contest is because I discovered the Italian singer Mahmood there. Eurovision is extra and there is no other word to describe it.

A youtuber from America decided to do some reaction videos to Eurovision, one of them being a reaction video to best performances or best songs according to country. Her name is Favour, I guess, that’s the name in the YT channel and this girl… Jesus. There was a lot of unnecessary perpetuation of a very toxic stereotype that Americans are stupid. I am not saying they are, I am just referring to the stereotype.

The main reason why people were offended and baffled by what she was saying was because of the comments she had made about Montenegro.

Her comment was a long the lines of: Who names their country Montengero, when were they founded, was this a joke on black people. At first she said the name kind of correctly – Montenegro should be pronounced like a word of a Romanic language such as Italian or Spanish. Kind of hard to explain, but she took the Negro part and pronounced it wrong. Why do that? The name of the country means Black Mountain, like literally Crna Gora is their name and word by word the translation is Black Mountain. It’s also one of the first things in their Wiki page. GOOGLE IS FREE, THIS COULD’VE BEEN AVOIDED.

When I saw that small part of the video I honestly wanted to believe it was some type of a bad joke. It wasn’t. I forced myself to watch the whole video on Youtube and she made a lot of very questionable comments. She said that Iceland is not in Europe because it’s an island. For Bosnia and Herzegovina she was like “Why did they shove them together, is this like one country?”. You who have been following me for a longer time know that I am by descent Bosnian so this comment made me lose brain cells. Israel was one of the countries in the video and then she was like: Will the fact that Palestine is not here cause drama?

I cannot. I am unable to can.

I wanted to believe she was trying to be funny but… You could’ve googled it instead of saying that a name of a country that has existed for so many years was done as a joke on black people. Make it make sense. Google is free.

She had to film and edit this and upload it to Youtube and she never believed that was a bad idea? I watch a lot of youtubers and I know that engagement and views are important and some people go to far to have those things but you can make a good, decent video without making a fool out of yourself. This isn’t even edgy comedy, I don’t know what it’s supposed to be.

She kind of doubled down on all of it and made an apology to Montenegro on Tiktok and I vomited a bit listening to it:

Montenegro stans? So you caused outrage, people obviously felt insulted, you are coming off as a person who lacks knowledge about the world and then you double down and make yourself look more stupid? WHY?

Let me just say that I and geography were never friends, I also don’t like politics or to speak about it but I am then going to admit that and google or ask for explanations when something is unclear to me. It’s better to say “I don’t know” than to do this!

I just wanted to come here and rant about this because I found it awful. She did apology number two:

But sweetie turning the comments off on your first “apology” video speaks volumes. Turning the likes/dislikes on your youtube video speaks volumes. And also saying “to the random Europeans who seem to be offended”…. Maybe she is just bad with words?

I just don’t get it. Google is free……….

I don’t know if she was doing this on purpose, trying to get hate-views, if she believed she was actually funny or if she is just ignorant. Many defended her saying that she was being sarcastic in her apology, she meant everything as a joke but to be honest, if the tables were reversed…

That’s it from me today, I am going to go and scroll through TikTok. It’s obviously my new thing now but hey, it’s giving me content material.

This post was not meant as hateful towards Favour so please no hate comments. I just had to vent about this because I found the whole thing very avoidable by a simple google search. You don’t even have to pause your camera to google shit, just cut the part out during editing.

Love you all!

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11 thoughts on “Coffee Date: Montenegro is a country.

  1. This American knew Montenegro is a country, since I read Great Gatsby, a classic American novel. Gatsby was in the army in WWI and fought in western Europe. He tells the narrator he received a medal from Montenegro in recognition of his bravery. The narrator thinks Gatsby is making it up until he shows the narrator the medal with inscription from Montenegro. Narrator is suitably impressed.

  2. Oh my goodness. What a post and what a situation. Not all Americans are this stupid, as I see you acknowledge. I too also come across ignorant content/comments from fellow Americans that make me want to cringe for how they represent us. I don’t blame you for wanting to react to that ridiculous video. 🙂

  3. Ahhhh. Social media, the chance for eveyone to share their thoughts, even when they shouldn’t.

  4. “I cannot. I am unable to can.” 😀 Please don’t lose brain cells over it. The world is littered with ignorami. An entertaining post, nonetheless.

  5. I’d watch it to get the context but it seems to be intentionally annoying.
    The context I’m getting (which is just from reading comments here) are related to how many black Americans find BLM and various other groups to be condescending as if they’re so inferior they need white saviors. It’s an actual thing. That the “intellectual white elites” need to save them from them. It’s just done in an obnoxious way trying to be funny and it’s not.
    I wouldn’t say the stereotype is right or wrong, but an issue where entertainment is complaining where no one gets along/understands each other is an actual real thing but that appears to be a broadening global issue. However.. a big point of the United States existing is allowing people TO be stupid and express it freely as freedom of choice so it comes with the territory. It is what it is.

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