Just Rambling

Hello all! 

I am just talking about random stuff today, had no inspiration to write anything creative. 

I got my blood tests done last week to figure out if a lack of something is causing my awful headaches and it’s not. I have a bit too much iron and a slight lack of vitamin D but other than that everything is fine.  

Next step in curing my headaches (that are still happening) is going to get my eyes checked. I did it two years ago when I started working for my company because it’s obligatory with the job that I have to have an eye exam and everything was fine then but I am going on my own to do a more detailed exam. 

Can you imagine me with glasses? I’ve never had the need to wear them even though everyone in my family wears them or had to wear them at one point in time. Despite spending copious amounts of my time reading or being on my laptop, I still have great vision but maybe it’s deteriorating or maybe it’s something else. I am trying to limit my screen time and when I feel a headache coming while I am working, I always take a few minutes to just step away from the screen and rest a bit. It’s the only way I can function and prevent the pain until I get my eyes checked.  

I have had this desire to change something about my appearance, so I went and got my hair cut. I let the lady chop off a full centimeter and a half of my hair and I survived. It’s not a big change or anything, but working from home and not having so many places to go and get ready for is really messing with my femininity in a way (I hope this doesn’t sound stupid). Being in my “house” clothes all the time does affect me so I decided to go to the hairdresser and treat myself a bit. It’s better than falling back into my “add to cart” habit.  

Hopefully, my coworker and I will manage to have a night out this weekend to catch up a bit and have some fun! I say hopefully because sometimes we plan and plan and something comes in the way.  

That’s it from me for today. I hope you are all having a great week and let me know down in the comments how are you all doing! 


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2 thoughts on “Just Rambling

  1. I was getting regular headaches for a while, always in front of the computer. After my monitor suddenly broke and I had to buy a new one, I didn’t get headaches anymore. But it could also be related to poor eyesight, for sure. It may be hard to test if, like me, you need to be in front of a computer for most of the day.

  2. Sounds a mixed week but a crazy hair cut! 😉 Good your vision is still great – do not take it for granted! Stay well!

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