The light at the of the tunnel

Poetry has become my only escape, my means of telepathing between the universe of argony and happiness. The world that has circulated my existence and created my forthcoming self and has only read my strengths and capabilities is yet two see me shutter into million pieces with no one to put them together. Like every dose of medicine, one has to suffer the “side effects”. A face that was only stretched by laughter and great joy has bean worn down by tears and wrinkled out by the aging pain that ceases not to end. In the time of despair one looks for a wing to lay under, a shoulder to lean on, a reason to smile and all that is found is a void that sinks deep in search of the one to fill it. When the world sees the worst, one needs to find a reflection that sees the beauty that lies deep in our eyes. Humanity has long taken the run for never standing true to their words and only a few remain to see the best in people. We move from A to B in accordance, evolving to see the greener pastures regardless of the thorns that lie in our path and yet we are determined to see it all through.
It’s the thoughts “what did I do to deserve this”, the “all I have done is to give you a shoulder and this is how I am appreciated”
That shutters us away, in life we learn to give people our best and expect nothing because this world never gives its best back, hence one is pushed to withstand the standards of this society and the criticism from its community. Live alive according to your own reality.

Hey my name is kerly Tamayi
I am currently studying Quantity Surveying and let’s just say this Covid 19 really brought me closer to my pen and paper. It’s my only escape.
Find me on Instagram @i.am_panashe and on WordPress @

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