Path less traveled

I know that life’s a journey
This road is lined with many holes
But there’s still an urge inside me
To leave the open road
To leave the first footprint
On a path that isn’t there
To face my fears of falling
To replace them with loving cheers
I want to see the world
With my pair of brand new eyes
In a way I’ve never seen it
Without it’s mask or disguise
I want to hear the laughter
To see the smiles around
I want to know I’m not alone
When this path brings me down
To see the world shinning
And the friends I’m bound to make
Stiffens my choice of journeys
It inspires me not to break
So if I touch the heart
Of just a few just like me
I can say that I accomplished
All I set out to be

Hi, I’m Kevin and I am new to public expressions. My poetry is not and will never be prefect. So I do apologize for that. I enjoy writing and I’m in the process of learn to write with structure although that may not show for while. Thank you all for reading. I hope you enjoy my work. Have a blessed day.

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