Poem #275

Words don’t make my legs tremble.  
Show me if you missed me. 
Let every inch of my body know that you are here. 

Grasp my hips, move them up and down. 
Don’t tell me what you want, where to go, 
just show me and I will let you own me.  

Drown your head between my thighs  
like it’s an oasis you found after spending 
years walking through the desert. 

Make my body burn like it’s in hell 
and convince my mind that I am in heaven. 
Worship me with every move you make. 

If you want to show me all your love and respect, 
fuck me with all the disrespect. 
Don’t spare me. Don’t show me mercy.  
I can take it and I am yours for the taking. 

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4 thoughts on “Poem #275

  1. Well done on your move, Luna. I hope you are happy there.
    ps: “…First, I spill some oats” and “I don’t need reindeers” ! – so funny 🙂

  2. Moving sucks! I just did it 8 months ago and still settling. On the plus side, it can jar loose the brain.

  3. Beautiful poem!

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