The valley calls out
Echoing sounds of love and fresh dew
It’s crisp
It’s cool
and I wrap around a shrug of wool.
The sky transforms with a radiant light
It’s a hue of soft crimson and it’s bright.
Observing it my heart sings “Oh what a splendid sight!”
The magnificent orange ball of fire emerges
and lights up the sky!
Watching this, my heart soars and lets’s out a sigh!
The valley calls out
Echoing songs of love and hope
It’s balmy
It’s kind
It makes me happy in my soul and my mind.
The valley of the Sun shines in its glory
A fresh day, a new story!

Poem by Harshi

Hello everyone! I’m Harshita from India. Hope you’re all doing well? If you’re going through a rough patch, then do remember that the Sun will always rise.

I witnessed this beautiful sunrise at my friend Gayatri’s place in Kasauli, which is in Himachal Pradesh in North India and it was an absolutely splendid moment which I tried to capture through a lens and then in my poem.

Hope you enjoy it and are somewhat able to feel that special moment. After all, life is made up of special moments and I’ll always carry this one in my heart.

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