POOF – long weekend gone

Weekends go by fast and long weekends go by faster which makes absolutely no sense. It’s like Friday was just this afternoon. I do believe I had a productive long weekend because I finally managed to film a new Youtube video. I forgot how much I like making them. 

In other news, my mom took a home test and she got a negative result but she is still isolating and waiting for tomorrow afternoon to consult with our doctor and she will also go and get a PCR test and, if necessary, remain in self-isolation for a few more days to be completely sure she is healthy and negative. 

She is losing her mind a bit alone in that apartment but she is keeping busy. Yesterday she was stress cooking and baking and today she took out everything out of the kitchen, all of the dishes and cleaned every cabinet, drawer and everything else. She was always a clean freak, I guess self isolation made her upgrade.  

I am going to wallow in the “You gotta work tomorrow” fear now. Check out my last Youtube video: 


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