We are devolving.

My TikTok page is flooded with videos from Astroworld, people recollecting the events, talking how somebody is hiding the truth because there are more than 8 people dead and after diving way to deeply into this subject I want to talk about something. 

Travis Scott’s concert resulted in 8 dead and several injured as of last report. If you know anything about him, you know what his concerts look like and that he is no stranger to inciting violence. He is the reason why a kid is paralyzed because he asked him to jump of a balcony. One of his fans took his shoe during a performance, so Travis stopped the concert because of a shoe and encouraged his fans to beat the kid up. A man who has the net worth of $60 million dollars stopped a show because of a fucking shoe but he did not stop the show when several people got up on stages, to camera crew stating that there were people dying in the pits, when people were chanting “HELP US”, when he saw an ambulance and medics giving CPR to a kid, when he was made aware that there were casualties on his concert. A shoe is more important to this abomination of a man than actual human lives that cannot be bought. His brainwashed fans climbed on top of the ambulance and danced. There are just things and events that test my belief in non-violent approach because sometimes people make me question whether beating common sense into someone is a good practice.  I don’t even know what trigger warning to put on this:

I was in the past a very big fan of Linkin Park (still am), and a video resurfaced of them stopping a whole concert when they noticed a fan collapsed. They saw a single person collapse and Travis Scott did not pay attention to ambulance lights and he performed “The robot” while medics were fighting to save a kid’s life. A video of Adele stopping her show when she saw somebody collapse also resurfaced. With the amount of inhumane behavior we are talking about today, let’s take a few moments to remind ourselves of what humanity looks like and how respectable people behave: 


#adele stops concert to help a fan who passed out! THIS is what you do! #adelecares #astroworldfestival

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As someone who has been to concerts and as a human being, I wish nothing but the worse for him and his team. They oversold the show, security was not as good as it should have been for such a big event and there are also reports that security guards were drugged without their consent or knowledge which further encouraged people to come out with theories about this event being a satanic ritual and everything being staged.  

The symbolic of the show is questionable, from the show being called “See you on the other side”, burning dove, etc., but can people stop coming up with conspiracy theories about demonic and satanic rituals because people died. Lives that are irreplaceable were lost and people are over here giving more attention to Travis Scott worshiping satan, Astroworld being a demonic ritual etc. 

We are devolving as a species. We have been for centuries and anyone who looks at the history of human race objectively can see that. We made machines, technology, computers and infrastructure evolve, but we are devolving. Creating material things that are sophisticated and smarter than us, do not make us smarter and more evolved. 

We are going backwards. What happened at this concert further proves that the human race has been successful at purging the humanity out of us in the name of man-made concepts such as fame, money, power, religion or purely our own comfort. When people start getting violent or do something revolting, we use the phrase “They are acting like animals”. First of all, animals are above us. There is order in the animal world, there is something natural and primal about the animal world. There is nothing natural about human world as we know it today. 

Even if we take a look at what happened since Covid hit, we can see the disregard for human life. Millions were lost, people will live with consequences of surviving Covid and when we as a society had to come together and make changes to the way we live in order to protect the existence of human race against a deadly virus, billions refused. It is more important to billions of people to be able to go out, be in large crowds of people and not wear a mask than protecting the health and safety of everyone including themselves. WE ARE DEVOLVING.  

Watching people go into cardiac arrest, die, stomp people to death in order to jump to a shitty song from an “artist” who wouldn’t have a career without autotune is beyond incomprehensible. I am not quite sure there is a word to describe how abominable this is.  

There were people on that concert who were ready to stand on someone’s lungs if it meant they can get a better view of the stage and have their fun. This is what we came to, this is where we are at as a society. That clown who got up on the ambulance cart to dance and as he said “rage” has posted videos of himself on IG of doing so while paramedics tried to get him down, posted a story stating that “Cancel culture at it again. This is how I know the crowd was full of baby butt soft ass people. We rage forreal, I am sorry you guys wanna have a sad day about it” and he is a father. A grown man with a child at home was jumping on an ambulance cart at a concert making the job more difficult for the paramedics who were literally trying to save lives and then doubled down on social media. And no he did not delete his IG, you can very much see the IG handle on this tiktok, do with that what you will. He’s also on AppleMusic, you can see the link in his IG bio, do with that what you will as well.


#duet with @hannrileyyy the lack of morality, human decency & basic empathy is baffling. truly disgusting #astroworld #astroworldfestival #travisscott

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And now, the people who put up the show and Travis Scott who did not stop it. Don’t fucking defend that piece of shit. He deserves to have his career destroyed. People went down for less and he should have been out of our sight as soon as he told a kid to jump off a balcony. There isn’t a part of me that has any mercy for this thing. I can’t even see him as human because, humans did what Adele, Linkin Park and so many others did. You stop the fucking music. His fans are obsessed with him. If he had just stopped singing, said to cut the music and told everyone to look around and help those who needed to get out of the pit and pick up the people who fainted, his fans would’ve fucking do it. A person with the net worth of $60 million couldn’t drop the mic and stop a stupid concert for 15 fucking minutes to let people have a chance to get to safety. Their blood is on his hands. The people who were traumatized by this event are his fault. He deserves to be charged as well as every single one of his team members who oversold the concert and put people’s lives at risk.  

They made a rager, incited violence at an event where children were present and I mean children as in some of the dead were underage, the oldest victim was about 27. This is diabolical.  

For people and his 15 years old fans defending him, please seek help. Find yourself a good therapist who is going to put you in the normal headspace. Travis Scott was safe, he was not fighting for his breath, him and his family were escorted from Astroworld surrounded by security that he failed to provide to the fans he allegedly loves so much, he and his family went back to their mansion where no one can touch them and their wealth is going to make sure that the justice system cannot get too close to them either while you are going to have to live with the trauma of watching people getting stomped to death, taking their final breaths for the rest of your life so don’t fucking defend him because, and I am saying this with my whole chest, HE DOESN’T CARE ABOUT YOU. Your life is meaningless to him and he proved it.

I know more stuff is going to come out about this but I cannot even read about it anymore. As I get older I am more and more disappointed in people and more and more convinced I am never going to have children because I do not want to bring more souls into this hell we’ve created.  

There is really a point in which we have to stop and ask ourselves “Are we too far gone?”. Is there redemption for us or are we slowly but surely building our stairwell to the annihilation of the human race?  

I hope that people who are injured will recover and wish healing for the families and friends of the victims and everyone left traumatized from this event.  

I don’t know what else to say. 

5 thoughts on “We are devolving.

  1. All involved in putting together this concert, should face legal consequences but I doubt Travis Scott will lose many fans or face legal scrutiny. It’s a mentality that continues to spread – chaos, anarchy and a rebelliousness against all things civil. And, it’s all about profit, at the end of the day, so guys like Scott can live a life his fans could only dream of. To hell with people’s safety!

  2. No concerts with Rush Seating should ever occur again. People take the word Rush literally and will climb on the backs and heads of others to get 1 place closer to their idol. Why are celebrities and performers treated as idols. You can like their performance or music without worshipping them. And you are right, all parties involved in hosting and performing in this fiasco need to be charged. As to Covid, I had great hopes for humanity when it started. I thought, they will all come together for the common good. Boy was I wrong. If there is power to be had or money to be made, inhumans will use it to their advantage without thought of others’ suffering. Its a Tik Tok world and that is too bad for humanity. Just wait for Meta….

  3. I completely agree with you.

  4. Scott told a kid to jump off the balcony but that kid didn’t, another person instead was pushed off and became paralyzed. Just wanted to clarify, otherwise great post…well said immensely. Scott and everyone involved needs to pay for this. I hate some people are trying to say it was strictly the concert goers fault.

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