Poem #276

Change is necessary.
Change is growth, it makes you evolve
but some changes simply
make you lose your own purpose.

You are trying to swim to shore
but there’s an anchor tied to your ankle.
Movement becomes slow and hard but not impossible.
You tell yourself that you got the strength,
it will just require more time but your muscles soon become sore.

The anchor gets heavier and your ankle is infected.
The sea salt is taking bites out of your wounds,
the shore seems further and further away.

You can either let go and risk finding out
if breathing underwater is an option
or you can sacrifice the foot and limp into the unknown

You don’t want to risk, you don’t want to lose,
you want things back as they were.
You are draining your power trying to stay afloat
while uncertainty hits you in waves.
Not quite drowned.
Not quite breathing.
Not quite dead but definitely not living.

11 thoughts on “Poem #276

  1. I love this poem. So beautiful

  2. Love this 🖤

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  4. Excellent poem!

  5. neil peart per constant change is here to stay
    give time to rhyme and sing
    oh boy!

  6. I enjoy your poems! Please keep writing them; I’ll keep reading them.

  7. Damn, this poem is amazing,
    Cheers! For the post

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