In the early years of my life,
Encumbered not by any rules,
I envisioned a perfect world,
Rid of the wicked and cruel.

In the early years of my life,
Surrounded not by mindless fools,
I envisioned a peaceful realm,
Rid of disputes,battles and duels.

In the early years of my life,
My freedoms never once curtailed,
I envisioned a society
Where no inequity prevailed.

In the early years of my life,
As the hard,bitter truth unfurled,
I envisioned no more visions
Of perfect,utopian worlds.

-Adapted from: Utopia
Prabhu S

HI! I’m Prabhu S, a fourteen year old writer from India. I love reading science, and I also like listening to music and playing the piano. Writing’s my passion, and it will continue to be!

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