The Rainbow

Red as a pretty rose 🌹
Orange as a blazing fire 🔥
Yellow as the mighty sun ☀
Green as the fresh grass 🌄

Blue as the vast sky 🌇
Indigo as the night sky 🌃
Violet as a sweet lavender 🌸
You are the Colourful Rainbow 🌈

In the sky,
Like a big bow
With seven colours
In a row

Srishti Purohit is a student, blogger, programmer and an aspiring author. She has a channel on YouTube named Srishti’s Innovations
She has a travel blog, SRISHTI’S Travel Diary on WordPress
You can follow her on SRISHTI’S Travel Diary and Srishti’s Innovations

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2 thoughts on “The Rainbow

  1. Thanks Luna, for publishing my poem on your blog. 🙂

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