The Thankmaker

In streets of despair,
The thankmaker roams,
A man without family,
A man without home.

Knows not any desire,
Knows not any greed;
One terribly content
With the life he leads.

In valleys of gloom,
The Thankmaker roams,
A selfless spirit
That stands alone

In a world of sorrow,
Committing selfless deeds;
Showering like rain
The happiness all need.

In alleyways of anguish,
The Thankmaker roams,
Sharing the burdens
Of those who groan.

Even if discarded
Like a piece of trash,
Even if snubbed,
He’ll continue,unabashed.

Brimming with gratitude,
Not for gifts received,
But for being privileged
To help those in need.

Within every one of us,
The Thankmaker roams,
Let’s render selfless service
Even if it ain’t condoned!

HI! I’m Prabhu S, a fourteen year old writer from India. I love reading science, and I also like listening to music and playing the piano. Writing’s my passion, and it will continue to be!

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