Victory Struggle

Besides the calm sea shore
Amidst a grey squally evening
Rains nearly bucketing down
Stands a red eagle on a fortress of a solid rock
Single soul with brilliant thoughts of redemption
For the struggle to liberation, he wishes to achieve
Shaken by the whirling winds of autocracy
His hands clasped behind, a gesture of strength
The wave forces of the yellow owl….
He hesitantly perseveres, but aims to reach at the top
The a murmuration of red eaglets, fly
The flutter spread of revolutionary ideals to the world
That makes the yellow owlets stumble more
Nothing they say can move him to them
He has tested and trusted the road to democracy
Mighty glad he is here to shepherd the nation
In which the slave driver makes us whimpering souls
He has joined to fight for innocent civilians
Until the war is won!

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