Apocalyptic forgiveness

Flying down with fiercy winds,
In a world that used to be different,
Innocent and yet full of man’s sins,
Torn apart with a bitter end?

Innocent blood on all those streets,
Who cannot see the beloved who weeps,
Yet giants so gigantic defiled the poor souls,
Graveyards overfilled, with newly-dug holes.

The climatic sweat, the sand mirrors a spark,
Justice will come no matter how long it will take,
A burning river flows in the deadly fire lake,
Going down into the apocalyptic dark.

Filled with guilt, but no coming revenge,
Because no one is helped with avenge,
Yet, when everything will finally go down,
And mankind has no place for its own:

The Lord will judge in the righteous way,
Tyrants will be thrown in the dark away,
And mercy for those who learnt to forgive,
Because no one is perfect, as long as we live!

Timo Schmitz, 2021

Short Bio:

Timo Schmitz (born 1993, near Trier in Germany) is a language fanatic, philosopher, journalist, poet and book author. He studied psychology, philosophy and political science at Trier University and received a degree in the latter two subjects. His philosophical core interests lie in Platonism, Chassidic philosophy, Bantu Ontology and Asian philosophy. He has a strong interest in the Old Testament on which he dedicates himself in his spare time.



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  1. Thank you so much for sharing my poem. 🙂 Hvala …

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