Life’s a journey

My name is Maria Teresa Pratico-Swanson. I’m a woman walking this journey of life in truth. I am a certified master shaman and practicing the art of shamanism has transformed my life, liberated my authentic spirit, awakened and freed my soul. I use my sensibilities as superpowers and the power of my love fuels my magic as a shamanic healer. My creativity is my soul’s purpose and passion which I express through my healing services, writing poetry, hosting a blog, dancing, painting and practicing yoga. My motto is “Triumphing over Trauma”. In 2011, after a lifetime of trauma I became aware that I needed to reconnect with my soul. Healing integrates all aspects of my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual selves. Unraveling conditioning and programming continues to take introspection, patience and grace. I’m committed to my practice of healing from the human experience as an awakened soul. I believe I am here to help heal humanity one heart at a time. I offer shamanic healing sessions, have written 4 books of poetry available on Amazon. “Emotional Musings” “My Soul’s Language” “My Heart’s Song” and “My Soul’s Light For more detailed information follow this link
In light and in shadow, always with love. Namaste.

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  1. I think it is important to write down realistic goals that are attainable so that we are not setting ourselves up for disappointment. My goals this year is to work hard at what I can control which is finishing my next novel and trying to get my other ones published. I can’t control what others do, but only what I can do. I try to keep reminding myself when it comes to certain goals there are many things outside of our control. The only thing we can do is do our best. Feel free to check out my latest blog providing advice to creative professionals looking for new opportunities in 2022 at

    Happy New Year!!!

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