The Apparition

Appearing through the mists of uncertainty,
An apparition comes to me.
A woman, moving silently,
Steady in her pace,
Total self acceptance written on her face.
Glowing richly in peace and love,
Moving fluidly with patience and grace.
She beckons me with arms outstretched,
Holding forth her treasure,
Whispers, this too can be yours,
But first you must love yourself,
Even with your flaws.
As she fades into the mist,
I sense, I am not alone.
There lingers her fragrance still,
In the clarity of certainty,
I realise,
It is my own.

Estelle M Deshon
© 2022

I would like to introduce myself as the author of the book Way Leads Onto Way: Life in Verse

This collection is inspired by experience, by observation, by a heart and soul which seeks expression. It is about life, Love, Struggle, Heartache, Beauty, Nature and ultimate Victory. Anchored in a deeply personal faith in God this work overflows into a love for people and a call for protection of the creation. It explores the ways in which life has its own purpose and is a great teacher of lessons which are sometimes hard to learn. It is also a reminder that life is transitory, an encouragement to walk our way to our best ability each day, to seek humility and wisdom and to keep one eye on Eternity.

Links to purchase the book:
DYMOCKS – Way Leads Onto Way: Life in Verse
Amazon – Way Leads Onto Way: Life in Verse
Booktopia – Way Leads Onto Way: Life in Verse

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