Let’s cook


I am still, rather unsuccessfully trying to get better at cooking and I decided to put aside improvising and get down to some recipes. And I also got down to some filming so I have a new video for you! I made this recipe last weekend and it only took me a week to get the video done because this week I have been suffocating in work and other obligations. This Sunday, I am prepping some fajita bowls for the week.  

My cooking endeavor wasn’t a complete success, but practice makes better. Hope you like it:

I am slowly getting back my desire to blog and vlog and write as I am working through issues I didn’t even know I had in therapy which is why you might see a bit more of me on your timelines from now on. I am still struggling with my creativity and writing, but for those of you who would like to read a little something from me, you can always check out my latest poem Poem #417 or any of my other poems.  

Thank you all for still being here despite my 9-month long absence. I am getting back to my blog and I am getting back to myself.  

Hope you will enjoy the video and I hope you are all having a great weekend so far! 


4 thoughts on “Let’s cook

  1. Good to know you are working through things. 🫂💕

  2. “UST DO OTHING” bro

    Sending you happy Sunday vibes…


  3. Welcome back, Luna!

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