The Gift

Always buried under books will you find me ,
Trying to build a better tomorrow,
A brighter future ,
I strive to be flawless!

I look at myself in the mirror ,
Trying to find a beautiful picture inside ,
I wish to reiterate to myself ,
That alone , i am enough
And nothing can dim the light ,
But instead , each time i end up asking myself ,
Why can’t I just quit?

I wish to jump down a building ,
Hang myself down the fan ,
Or end it all with the stroke of a knife ,
But there is something,
Somethin within , that holds me back!

A thought strikes my mind ,
Is it worth the end?
God sent me with an aim ,
A plan all set ,
He granted me with this gift of life .,
So dont i deserve, the gift of being me?

I am lost ,
Lost in a world where everyone runs behind success ,
Where everyone runs behind excellence,
Behind perfection,
Where everyone runs behind being whom they’re not ,
And in the rat race , i do too,
But dont i deserve the gift,
The gift of being me?

Aspirations from parents are very high ,
Be a doctor, be an engineer ,
Have a professional degree,
But what about the artist dying within me?
Don’t i deserve the gift ,
The gift of being me?

Lost is a lovely place to find yourself,
And I’ve set out for this journey ,
To revive my shattered dreams ,
To heal my wounded soul,
I’ve set out for this journey ,
To spread my wings ,
Seize my victories where they lie ,
To move forward for a dream only I can see ,
Ive set out,
To be imperfectly , perfect!
I’ve set out , to be ME!


Dream diaries 

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This is Kripaa , the author of the blog dream diaries. I live words , poetry. All my poems are inspired by nature and human nature under various circumstances intrigues me. 

Hope you enjoy reading. 

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1 thought on “The Gift

  1. No matter how much we try or how much someone tries to convince us to be something we’re not, we will always be ourselves. If God wanted us different he would have made us that way. I really enjoyed your poem.

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