Lurking in Shadows

Long shadows agitate the solo traveller. Looking sideways, looking furtive. Now is not the time to walk distracted. Turn ears on full volume. Listen for cracks of branches. Thuds. Feel your heart pounding as your feet mark time. This is the dead zone.

The silence of the evening echoes in the night. The nothingness loud in the travellers mind. As they trudge, as they walk, they unload the day. They are pondering, solving stories, looking for solutions. A journey on autopilot. Distracted in thought.

As the gate swings shut, the traveller smiles. Now all seems right in the valley. The travellers relaxes. Lights ahead bring security. False security. City streets and hollow echoes pave the path of solitude. You are noticed you are seen.

Footsteps echo.

Dezzie, from Sydney Australia, has a passion for art and writing. She has been sharing her flash fiction and free verse online over the last few years.  Find out more at

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