Power of love or love of power?

Any person with a slight view of their future has some sort of goals and dreams they are trying to achieve. I’m the kind of person that is so determined to make my dreams come true that sometimes I view everyday things as pure obstacles on my way. What happens when love, one of the strongest feelings, becomes an obstacle for us and we corrupt it in order to move forward?

During the course of my life I’ve never been in any kind of serious relationship and I kept telling myself it was because I can’t find the right guy or the right time or some other excuse people make up in order not to face their own feelings. Lately I’ve been getting tired of excuses and talking about the problems. I decided to face it.

I love power too much and I love having the power over my life and my future which means opening up to someone and showing them how weak I can be is an invasion of my power. Many of us are like that, but only some of us will confess it. Power is something people fight for everyday – at work, in schools, in society groups and in relationships, but did we take it too far? We took our hearts out of the picture and we gave our brains another function –they are beating for us.

Feelings, love, honesty, trust and loyalty are such a twisted phenomenon for us that we can’t even recognize them when we see them. People started perceiving relationships and opening up to people as a power trade in which they lose if the other side is being ‘’smart’’ enough to keep their power all to themselves and trade lies instead. We are ready to live in a relationship with our power but we aren’t ready to open up and create something worth living for.

Now I speak to all people like me. You have the power but the longer you keep it without risking it, the more it becomes comfort and you lose it. Selfishly holding on to your power and locking the doors of your world is showing fear and not power. The true power is being able to let someone in and stitch your wounds when they are gone. The true power is being strong enough to be weak in front of someone. The true power is standing strong after having your heart shattered. Love is true power, it’s not a weak point.

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1 thought on “Power of love or love of power?

  1. You’re right, that’s been my truth, love is power. Letting love be your power is the hardest part but a lesson worth learning. Thanks for this inspirational post!

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