Sunday – bookday

I know I haven’t really been in touch with you lately but I really had a lot on my plate, from exams to some personal issues. Currently I’m enjoying my tea and watching cartoons like a real adult before diving into my books. Just three more exams and the war is over.

But a next war begins right after and it’s called a new semester and finding a new job. I stopped working as a waitress so now I have to find something else to do. I really liked working as a waitress and all but honestly some bosses are just stressful so I think I’ll try and find some other type of job, perhaps in a store. I used to work at Zara and I loved working in their storage because I didn’t have to deal with sometimes annoying customers. I do like people but sometimes people can be very rude while shopping, like it’s my fault they don’t fit into those jeans.

Anyways, I’m rambling to much! Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday. I think I’ll watch an episode of How to Get Away with Murder and then it’s down to the books. Love you!


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