Poem #99

Follow me into the dark. It’s not as scary
when you aren’t there alone. I’ll show you
the tricks to get around without making a
mistake, I’ll have your back so you don’t
have to look back. I’ll get you through the
tunnel, I’ll escort you to the light. It doesn’t
matter to me if we won’t be able to stand
together in the sun as long as you’re finally alright.

6 thoughts on “Poem #99

  1. You are light in the night sky with your poems! True Luna! 😂

  2. As a writer of horror, I think it’s scarier when you aren’t alone. LOL. But that is a beautiful poem.

    1. Thank you 😀

  3. Wow when I read that I had sudden clarity about something that was bothering me. You are an amazing writer and I connect with your writing as I not only feel your pain but it is my own. Does that make sense? I love it. 🙂

    1. Yes, it does! Thank you so much for your support 😀

      1. You are most welcome. 😊

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