I got better at typewriting!

So guys, I already told you about Olivia, my typewriter that I found in my mother’s apartment. I am so happy that I have her and I’ve decided to post some of my poetry that I typewrite up on Instagram. Do you like it?


5 thoughts on “I got better at typewriting!

  1. It was great. In your gravatar you are a black hair, in the blog you are blond hair…..confusing.
    Nice poetry gentess.

  2. This is very neat! It’s funny that I learned to type on a typewriter back in the ’70s, and now it is more of a relic. Great poetry, as always, and a great way to display it too.

  3. I am a terrible speller so would use tons of paper each time 🙂

    1. I did too but I am always trying to be very careful

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