Poem #108

What we had was so carefree like a Sunday
morning, so natural as the summer breeze,
so sudden as the smell of sea salt in the air
The only problem was that I wasn’t me.

You took away my breath and worries in
a single heartbeat and I let go of everything
because it was easy, for once something was easy.

We were opposites that weren’t supposed to attract.
Too much dark of a different kind can’t create light.
When I was with you people could finally see
what I didn’t want and who I never could be.

It doesn’t hurt anymore that you didn’t really love me
because the person I was with you wasn’t me, wasn’t even real.

4 thoughts on “Poem #108

  1. This is so raw, it really tugs the strings of my heart!

  2. The light is so beautiful. You and your poems are light. I am sun ray may be! 🌞

    1. Thank you 😁

  3. Love becomes even more mysterious at the sea…

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