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I’m drained

Hello everybody!

Lately I’ve been feeling really guilty because I wasn’t putting so much effort in my blog as I used to and also The Poetry Bar has been suffering due to my lack of work. Since I feel a really strong attachment to this blog and I am so grateful to all of the people following me I just felt like I should explain myself.

To be honest, in the last few weeks I haven’t been putting much effort into anything. I just let time pass by, I stopped taking care of myself and it has made me feel completely drained of energy and motivation to work. Actually, I feel like a really big hypocrite because of it since I’m always preaching about self-care and putting yourself first when you need to and I haven’t been doing that lately. The consequences of my behavior are visible on my lack of work on the blog and The Poetry Bar and on my health since I’ve gained weight, been ill lately, started smoking again etc. I’ve been having some issues in my personal life that had a really big impact on me and the only person I am blaming for it is myself and not the people involved because I know that I know better than to have such a negative and self-destructive response to problems.

That’s pretty much it. I am just drained and exhausted. I promised myself to take better care of my health, both mental and physical – actually I am committing to it before things get worse. I hope you all understand and I hope that you don’t hold a grudge because I didn’t post as much, answer to all of your comments and emails. Thank you so much for being here and for reading this and if you are going through something similar I hope that maybe this text has helped you realize that you too need to focus on yourself more. Please do send more of your works to The Poetry Bar so that we can get it up and running again and as soon as I get some more inspiration I will post more work.

Have a lovely rest of the week!

Sending love and positive vibes,

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I certainly can relate. Keep your head up! I pray your energy increases and things balance out for you. Blessings!

I think it happens due to unbalanced fatigue between the mind and the body.
When I am tired mentally, I go jogging or swimming.
I run or swim without thinking anything until I am physically exhausted, and eat as much as I am satisfied and go to bed and sleep. It is my simple way of chaging my moods.

I TOTALLY understand your feelings of despair. I wish you all the best. No one has ever given me great advice on getting out of the “despair quicksand” as I call it, so I’m not sure what to say either. Just take care, and one day at a time, things will look brighter.

Relate to what you are going through. Commit to little things that help break the continuity of that low feeling. Personally for me, committing myself to a 40 min. outdoor walk, and of all things, cooking, has helped! Take care.

Whatever you need to do. Your health is more important than anything, and no one would or should hold a grudge on you for taking care of yourself. Get back to your full strong self 💪🏽💪🏽

Please, love, be kind to yourself in your moments of suffering.
Self-care is the first thing to go in times of great distress.

I am glad you have committed yourself to personal betterment – this is important. But also, perhaps you can remember that a part of life’s great struggle is in keeping ourselves healthy? The world today is not hospitable to its peoples and does not breed healthy minds or hearts. Be kind to yourself. Do what you need to do. But know that even if you have let yourself go, those feelings of guilt do you no favors.

Put the cigarettes away. Eat healthily. Move your body in the ways that you can. But also remember that on the days you do not do these things, you are not a failure and you are no less loved.

From one suffering stranger to another,
I love you, and you are loved.

~ Adeline

Try to be less hard on yourself Luna and do something less destructive that brings you joy. There is so much joy in the world but sometimes it eludes us. It’s important to remember it is still there waiting for you. Take care x

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