Poem #130

It’s hard to put one foot in front
of the other when you lose faith in yourself.
It’s forced, it’s fake, you do it because
you know you have to and not because
you want to.

Stuck in a place you don’t want to be,
surrounded by people you don’t want to see,
reliving the same nightmare every morning.
Where do the lost go?

Leave the place, leave the city.
One foot in front of the other, maybe you
stumble across the faith you lost.

7 thoughts on “Poem #130

  1. Always, step by step. Moving away from the pain. Finding a new path and walk on.
    Nicely penned

  2. So relatable!

  3. I hear ya!!!

  4. Time to break and escape to solitude where you might find enjoyment, or alternatively to spend time with loved ones 🙂

  5. Relatable! The feeling of being lost. Trapped in a circle. But with a little faith, anything is possible.🙂

  6. …stumble across faith – Love💗

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