Don’t touch me I am dirty although my skin is flawless.
My heart and mind are filled with grudgulent dirty deeds.
I told them to stop but they kept pushing for more.
Now I am torn by the fact if I am dirty or clean.
They made me feel like a toy and certainly not woody or buzz.
The buzz in the hallways of school are that I am a sleeze or slut.
My friends have abandoned me because of this whole mess.
Don’t touch me I am dirty and need to be cleaned.
I hear voices constantly demeaning my character.
I hear this over and over. It must be true,
I never said stop or I dont want this.
I never ran away in tears or cried in fear.

My torturer is near and watches as I am made fun of,
ridiculed and put down by my peers.
Why has this happened to me?
Am I a toy not like buzz and woody but a system to an everyday evil ,
that has been accepted by the upcoming cutural behaviors of our new generational saviors.

They arent saviors, they are false prophets,
thinking it’s okay to wear loose or revealing outfits.
A womans body is a secret vessel that should be held to the highest royals.
Not a bid war given to the riches royal.

Don’t touch me I am dirty, I need to be cleaned.
Cleaned of this thought that I am filth and nothing more.
I look through the tabloids and see the “play” they make on “boys”.
Dishing out dirty lingerie and toys.
This culture believes this is the true meaning of satisfaction and beauty.

Don’t touch me, I’m clean.

Purified by the thoughts of being a strong woman.
I am a strong woman, no more picture perfect sculptures, I shall adore my own personal figure.

I will be the judge of what makes me comfortable, not “playboy” or any other centerfold.

I shall fold away the bad vibes and stick to what’s good.

I am an everyday woman, proud of my goods.

No longer a toy, no longer a prostitute, no longer a rape victim, this has improved my mood.

I will stand for what’s right and do what I must, to get my head back together and feel right about me.

This is a message to all the women who feel broken or ridden. You’re clean by nature and nothing can put you down as long as you have the will to withstand and rebel. Be proud of who you are and not let others make your choice!

Young aspiring poet/writer with a passion for telling short stories.

IG: @neseknows


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3 thoughts on “Violation

  1. Beautifully and painfully written. It touches on everything with regards to rape/abuse cultures and how others view it yet in the end the strength and determination are clearly felt in every word. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I like this. “My torturer is near” was really powerful imo

  3. You’re so strong for sharing your story!

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