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In my post “The story behind the name Luna” I shared a part of my story about domestic abuse. It actually gave me courage to dive deeper into this problem and open up about it here because I think this is a great community to share such stories and help each other. It took me years to speak about the torment my father put me through and I can relate to many children who were abused and today I want to write a little bit about how to deal with abuse after it’s done.

When I was 11,12 years old the problem with my father started solving and it wasn’t over until a few months ago. I haven’t lived with him for years and I last saw him and spoke to him about 5 years ago. That chapter of my life is over now but it still takes me a great amount of strength to close that chapter in my head. My problem was that I identified myself with what he has done to me and I believe that’s the problem of many abused children out there. We develop a bad opinion about ourselves based on what the person who abused us had done to us. We often feel like we aren’t worthy of anything, become introverted, depressed, scared to live the lives we deserve and we can’t step out of our pasts. Going through abuse leaves a strong scar on the one’s personality, sometimes even on our bodies and I will be quite honest and say it’s impossible to hide that scar or erase it so wear it proudly!

Don’t be ashamed of yourself and of who you are and of what you’ve been through. Instead of waking up every morning feeling like you are worth less than others, feeling like you will never reach happiness, wake up and say to yourself “I’ve been through hell and I survived that. World, bring it on because I can handle you!”. Don’t call yourself an abuse victim but rather call yourself a survivor because that’s what you are. Your body and mind were strong enough to handle the weight of abuse and I know how heavy that weight is and you are still here. You are biting and scratching your way through life. You know how to handle difficult situations and your power can never be drained out. Even when depression hits and you feel worn out just repeat those words to yourself.

Who you are depends only on what you want to be so be a survivor, be a warrior and show the world there’s happiness after abuse. Learn how to show your scars to the world and demand respect for them and respect your own past because if it wasn’t for it you wouldn’t be the strong person you are. Even if you feel weak, trust me you’re not. Shift your state of mind and you will turn your life around. Remember: You are a warrior, you are a survivor.


#savingme is the column where abuse victims can publish their experiences just to let go and find comfort and support. Maybe it doesn’t feel like much but just publishing your story for others to read makes you strong. You can send your story about the abuse you went through to savingmestory@gmail.com and you can choose if you want it to be anonymous or not. More details here. 

23 thoughts on “#savingme – You are a survivor

  1. Proud of you Luna. You are strong and beautiful and yes a survivor.
    I can’t even begin to imagine the pain you or such children would have gone through. But I can also see the pain and the suffering of the tormented souls who are the abusers. Someone has to be really really sick to do such things.
    Drop the past like a dead weight my dear.
    You are doing a great job by giving others a forum to get some release and relief.
    Much love and blessings

    1. Thank you so much for this beautiful comment ❤

      1. My pleasure entirely my friend 😊🤗

  2. Hard times reveals how strong you are.

  3. Sad but powerful story that I belive you are a great person to speak about it and it may help or atleast bring awareness to other people.

  4. 💚🌈💚⭐💕

  5. May God bless you and may you find your beautiful, incorruptible identity in the one from whom beauty and love derive their names. As a father of two girls for whom I would gladly lay down my life, I am so very very sorry you have not known a loving father. I pray that you will find the healing, wholeness, and peace that every little girl deserves. You are special and precious.

    1. Thank you so much. Your girl are lucky to have a father like you!

  6. Wow, what a powerful post! I teach at an inner-city high school and many of my students are abused or see domestic violence in their homes. This really hit home for me because I’ve had students confide in me how they feel in regards to the abuse they’re experiencing or witnessing, and it’s the exact same thing you said. They feel worthless or they wish they could stop it, but they don’t know how. Abuse and mental health are very taboo to talk about in low-income urban communities, but I’m happy that I was able to build trusting relationships with my students to be able to provide a safe space for them to talk and seek guidance. It helped me better understand my students and the community, and it helped me help them in ways I would never know I could help in if they wouldn’t have said anything.

    1. It really warms my heart to hear there are such warm, kind people like yourself who are working with children who are victims of abuse or witness it because I know how hard it is to seek help in situations like that. Keep up the good work and thank you for the comment ❤

  7. Wow, I salute your bravery in sharing this and your strength to not only survive but thrive after your experience.

    Keep on keeping on.

    Love and respect.

  8. Wow, I salute your bravery in sharing this and your strength to not only survive but thrive after your experience.

    Keep on keeping on.

    Love and respect. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾😊

  9. It’s when you’re weak, and you acknowledge it, allow it, that you are strong.

    Well shared!

  10. Well penned. Fabulous

      1. You are welcome 😊

  11. You’re a survivor! I can relate with dealing with family troubles in my life as well, but every day you conquer the world when you set aside the past and look at the future with positivity and potential. Thanks for sharing your story!

    1. Thank you for commenting!

  12. Incredible! ♥️

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