I’m kind of homeless

Hello everyone!

Sometimes, and that sometimes happens a lot lately, I use this blog to share with you my frustrations, or something that’s bothering me. I need my blog for that tonight. I just need to vent.

So as you all know I am from Croatia, I live in Zabok and work in Zagreb which is Croatia’s capital city. Ever since I started working in Zagreb my free time has seriously suffered because I have almost none. It affected my blog and my life in general but I am not complaining about that because I really like my new job and it was my decision to get out of waitressing.

One thing I dislike about my job is the fact that there’s a shift from 3 PM to 11PM. I was supposed to work that shift this week but I exchanged shifts with one of my colleagues but I still have to do this shift tomorrow and on Saturday. Here’s why I dislike this. I have no trains after 11PM. I do not have a car and also, I forgot to mention this to you, I fucking failed my driver’s test. I have no way of getting home. I don’t have an apartment in Zagreb. The only friend I have in Zagreb is currently back home and I do not have the key to her apartment. I am homeless for the next two days. Isn’t life great?

I actually had to rent a room for those two nights so I will go to work for nothing because the money I am going to earn in the next two days is actually covering for the room expenses. MY GOD!

All of this made me realize that I have to move to Zagreb ASAP. I have spent the last week looking for a place in Zagreb that’s affordable and I found nothing. Absolutely nothing. The apartments I like are either insanely expensive, in neighborhoods that are too far away from my job or the people renting the places only allow students to move in. I don’t know how it is in your countries but here a lot of students live in apartments if they go to study in a different city. I also lived in an apartment while I was in Zadar.

I am so frustrated. I had two days off and I literally spent them refreshing ads and staring at my laptop looking for a new place. Zagreb is a type of place where someone puts up an ad for renting an affordable apartment and literally the apartment is rented out within 2 hours.

Anyways, I will be sleeping in a rented out room for two nights. All of this is just making me want to cry and live at the train station. I can’t write anymore because I need to pack my stuff for my two days field trip to… MY JOB!

Sending love and positive vibes,


31 thoughts on “I’m kind of homeless

  1. kinds of an adventure and I’m sure if you see it this way, there’ll be more good stories to tell. So not too bad after all. And you’re a strong woman, so I’m sure you can do it! =)

  2. I feel for you. But I also can sense you are a strong girl & these 2 tough days will be over. I’ve always believed in “whatever happens, it happens for a reason”. Perhaps you can’t see yet what’s waiting for you. Sending you good vibes and thoughts. Much love & take care. You’re kinda fearless!

    1. Thank you for the kind comment!

  3. Do you know if family members know anyone who lives in Zagreb? Maybe you could live with one of them?

  4. Some people wouldn’t know that bloggers have other lives outside those spent on the internet fixing posts and all that. You are so fearless as Navin said. What I do in these kinda situations is to enjoy those things I can’t control completely…no matter how bad or painful. I know you will be fine albeit out of your comfort zone and all but time fixes everything. I hope it does that soon for your convenience sake. Take care of yourself…cheers

    1. Thank you very much!

  5. My advice is to rent small apartment together with some girl from your firm. Ask girls for this. I think that they know more.

    1. That’s a good advice, thank you!

      1. eurovilla.hr ID 330068 450 euro for 57 m2

  6. I admire your courage, will power and understand your situation, I was temporary homeless for a few weeks when I was a waiter in Tel Aviv so I went to live in a hostel and my food was only sandwiches cause I had no kitchen to cook. Later you will laugh of your situation. Be strong.

  7. The uncertainty gets to almost everyone. Sending hugs and praying you find a nice neat affordable rental close to work with a good landlord. 💚

    1. Thank you for the kind wishes!

  8. Love and luck. But you’re going to be fine. 🙂

  9. I live in a city in the U.S. that has seen a massive increase in rents. We are starting to see a lot of young, well-educated people who are homeless because they simply cannot afford the exorbitant rents. There should be some sort of organized global protest against real estate corporations and real estate developers who are profiting off rents. More and more people are going to end up in a homeless situation if some sort of rent control is not implemented. In my city, I see homeless people all the time in the downtown area as well as the suburbs. Anyone could end up homeless due to no fault of their own-a job loss, salary not sufficient to pay rent, bad health. It is very scary this uncertainty. The local Salvation Army offers some overnight accommodations as well as a meal in my city. If it weren’t for the Salvation Army and our churches in my city more people would be openly huddled on the street corners. I truly pray for your safety, Luna.

      1. You’re welcome, Luna. Stay safe and I pray you find a place to live very soon.

  10. So sorry to hear that.

    I was homeless from July 2016 to February 2017 and had to live in a homeless shelter.

    Hope you’re able to find a good and reasonable place in Zagreb soon.

    1. Thank you so much!

  11. Stay strong. I hope you will find a good place soon.

  12. Stay creative, and strong!

  13. Just vent as much as you like as long as it serves your needs!
    Well i guess you needed to go through this express to learn sth and that is to move to Zagreb! Through the search for an apartment you sure learnt alot and that will help you for sure in your future endeavours either with the prices, process or the quality just look at it from a learning perspective bcs nothing happens just like that, there is always a reason … wish you the best and Good luck friend 💖🙈

    1. Thank you so much!

  14. In the words of Bart Simpson: I didn’t think it was physically possible, but this both sucks and blows.

  15. You’ll get through this…most of us do! Look for the bright spot (you have a job!). It’s hard not to focus on the bad/negative, but in the end it’s the good things that get us through. I’ve been going through some stuff as well and have been really trying to focus on the good and not the bad. I’m actually thinking of making a post for this.
    Keep on keeping on! And smile! It will get better!

  16. That really sucks. I’m sending you all my best thoughts and hopes that it will all work out.

  17. Keep on keeping on Luna ✊🏽 Sent from my iPhone


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