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My Reflection In A Casserole Dish

“It’s an emergency!” She said, running into the room
“One of the fish just jumped out of the Casserole Dish!”
Naked, but with no time to spare,
I’m up and I’m off down the stair.
“Where did it land?”
I open the door but it’s not on the floor,
“Where did it land?”

“In the rubbish,” She called
and then I see it.
A still slither of fading gold
on a pale polyethene shroud
like the last of the sunrise
dissolving into cold daylight.

Gently I reach down,
cup it in my hand
and catch the eye of its partner,
Sad eyes staring out of the still, cold water.
My reflection.

Something wriggles in my hand
and is quickly dropped into the water
now a torrent of splashes and currents
As partners re-unite.

Five minutes later
they’re back in the tank
eating fish food beside UK Gold

and I’m telling my wife it was nothing.

© Sean McBride 1999

I have been writing poetry now since 1995 and my work has featured in anthologies, newspapers and radio and was also filmed for television. I have just recently left a long standing job in the Telecomms Industry to pursue writing full time and have been writing full time since January this year. I have a WordPress Blog called Adventures Among The White Horses which features poetry, songs and travel writing.


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