Of Mortals and Men

If tree tops whispered
Secrets and tales
Of fairies and whales
And endless days
I would find a way
To live there every day
And forever will I stay

If clouds of rain
Can defuse the pain
And unshackle the chains
May it rain forever
May it rain on my face
As I run this race
Forever being chased

In the woods, I belong
Where nothing is wrong
And I can sing out my song
Where magic is real
And I finally can feel
My soul begins to heal
Where I made the deal

Fog creeps in from above
And I see you standing there
With your golden hair
As magical as you are fair

I found the leak
That the order seeks
It’s where you came to be
The creature I now see

Born in May 1990, Stephanie Cupido is a writer of poetry, both fiction and non fiction and have published both, including Haiku in The Lotosblute 2018 and Afriku Vienna meets Africa 2019 Anthology books. She is also a WordPress blogger and has a small but loyal following. She has published a short story and children’s literature in Writers Space Africa International Literary Magazine 2019 and 2020. Her Illustrated Haiku was selected in 2019 to go to space in 2021 and will be recorded in The Guiness Book of Records. Social Distance, Haiku, and You Sound Collage Public Collaboration with Alan Nakagawa, 2020.  VSANA 1st Haiku Contest 2020- Honorable mention. She loves every type of music especially Bon Iver and Classical. She resides in Wellington, South Africa where she was born and has a 12-year-old daughter. Stephanie is crazy about animals


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