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The clock struck an odd hour,
the sound jarring to the bones
of she who wanted to find,
the lamp of knowledge.
Her mind riddled with questions,
she itched to pour out.
So she followed her heart,
Letting it be the compass for her ride.
I was always one with questions,
Naught today, I thought, as her tear
wet the page, leaking out the ink,
it had spent years holding in.
An ever-changing reality
with only the sleight of a hand,
someone I know and love forever,
might not exist with the birth of time.
If I love and live this very moment,
am I missing out on birth and serenity?
If I’m here in this present moment,
who’s there in the alternate dimension?
For this I say, you never know,
your choices make your future but never your past.
In the other face of time,
all the we-s have different versions of you-s.
If you weren’t here and were there,
would you have still been happy as you are?
Much like the cat of Schrodinger,
you’d have been both happy and sad.
I lament for all the roads not taken.
What if my calling was the destination of a different route?
The path you chose to strut along is yours,
there isn’t destiny more than the one you make.
What about the people I have missed out on,
the ones that I could’ve been one with, what of them?
For this, I say, so many possible choices you’ve before you,
the thread of chance running through everyone calling this universe home.
As an aurora broke open over the quiet sky,
I whisper to you, there’s a bit of you in it too..


Hello. I’m Thryaksha. I’ve been writing since I was a little kid. I usually touch upon themes such as feminism, self-reliance, love and mostly write blues. My poems have been published in two issues of the ‘Sparks’ magazine, and in poetry anthologies such as ‘Efflorescence’ of Chennai Poets’ Circle , ‘The current’, ‘The Metverse Muse’, ‘Our Poetry Archive’, ‘Destine Literare’, ‘Untamed Thrills and Shrills’, ‘Float Poetry’, and in the ‘Setu e-magazine’, to name a few. I’m now doing my psychology major. I love reading, and I play the violin. I dabble in arts frequently, and I love meeting new people! 


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