George Floyd

Let Monument Valley crack and crumble
the Statue of Liberty fall to her knees in tears
another black man has been executed

A knee on the throat intent to murder
a man who never resisted arrest
that he was black gives license

Let the smoke block out the sun and moon
will American institutions wake up now
let there be another revolution for equality

Chrissie Morris Brady
Instagram: @purbeckpoet


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7 thoughts on “George Floyd

  1. Countries like America have ingrained cultural / societal racism – in effect there are people and institutions base the value of a person based upon skin colour – this exists in America as it does in many countries. The trouble in America is the issue of slavery and the attitudes towards black Americans go back generations. The negative stereotypes and the mis truth become truths – societal discrimination also sees the loss the opportunity and in turn economic inequality which again, runs for generations. There has to be a wide spread societal and cultural change. This needs to start at a young age in schools.


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