Flames Buried Within

From the seed of love, a sapling grown.
Rekindled the flame of love by a beauty unknown.
In me, transformation occurred.
Once dark, now seen by me, everywhere, all bright tone.

Passing like spring’s breeze, she tranquilize my soul.
Taking my breath away, taking my thoughts, all.
So, can be sensed, from a light infatuation, now, intense attraction evolved.

Seeing her, my heart palpitate fast, my brain throbs.
Seeing her eyes, with depth of ocean, my mind stops.
Have to wrestle with thousand of thoughts.

Unknown to me even now , never approached her.
Dwelling in my heart, excitement, but also, extreme fear .
As my mind numbed, whenever I see her .
Shackled by fear of rejection,so can’t go near.

Will I ever, be able to tell her?
Or will this feeling, remain buried, forever?

I am Saarthak Haldar, a student of science, a writer and a poet  . As a writer, I have written science articles and journals, but I  like to write poems. I write poems on human feelings, emotions, the nature and the universe .
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