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Just like stars in the sky

I look up in the sky,
A resting place for countless stars,
Gleaming brightly.
Hastily I remembered your face,
Which dazzle just like them.
I vacillate,
As I dive into stroke clouded memories of our past.
When we saw love all around,
When we used to hold hope,
When we were together in our highs and our lows,
When we knew the best place where we could dance in endless nights,
When I was under spell asking myself “What have you done?”,
When I thought finally I have a world of my own.
Now it’s just irrational and surreal as a dream.
Which fades away like a bubble when I wake up from sleep.

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I am not a professional in writing, just pen down my feelings and thoughts whenever I feel loved and confident. My name is Aakanksha and I am an aspiring writer.


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